Social Ads

The benefits of social media marketing often revolve around building brand awareness and generating leads, but those only scratch the surface of why businesses should advertise on social. One of the biggest reasons to advertise on social is that it’s a cost-effective way of reaching the exact people you want to target. People also look to social to find new products or services and for businesses, paid social has a high return on ad spend.

Paid social has sophisticated audience targeting, giving businesses a way to choose exactly who they want their ads to display to. Traditionally, advertising has been limited to broadcasting ads to everyone, but now businesses can pinpoint who they want to see their ads. This makes ads so much more effective and your ad spend go further.

With social media advertising businesses get to choose how much (or how little) they want to spend on ads per day, or per month, making it fit nearly any advertising budget. Paid social is also a form of pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising where businesses only pay when users interact with their ads. In other words, you’re only charged when your ads effectively connect with your target audience.

Businesses use paid social to generate leads and build a contact list by creating ads designed to resonate with their target audience. To do this, ads are linked to landing pages with an offer, such as sign up to get 20% off your first order or to download an e-book, which collects user information such as their name and email address.

Putting your business in front of your target audience on social will not only build brand awareness, but it will drive people to visit your site. Business websites should serve as a sales and marketing tool for business, so the more website traffic you get more likely you are to generate sales.